Building Algae Terrarium At The Bottom of a Large Body of Water Will Make The Liquid Go Crazy

Calvin Valerian
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Please check the video and images I uploaded.

Can you fix this? I'm the type of player that will build algae terrarium underwater for efficiency and the way the oxygen exits from inside water reservoir looks glitchy to me.

Thanks in advance.

2018-10-17 (2).png

2018-10-17 (3).png

2018-10-17 (4).png

2018-10-17 00-23-20.mp4

Steps to Reproduce
1. Build 1 Algae Terrarium under a large body of water

User Feedback

Yeah, because Algae Terrarium will generate O2 which will push H2O occupied tile upward causing weird movement of liquid.

Edit : Also generated O2 will rise up just air bubble in real life float up will cause a hole looking thing in liquid body.

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The gas bubble coming out of Algae Terrarrium looks too big for me to be real.


Is not it better to make smaller bubble dispersal at a time instead of large quantity at once? Which is unpleasant to the eyes and it looks buggy when you put many Algae Terrarriums in an arrangement like in my screenshot.

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