Bugs I found OI-233814

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Steam Pending

1. Welding fire animation is left after construction is finished(disappears after load)
2. Endless scroll in science tab
3. Broken animation when dupe is using mixer, massage, wheel - shows what he sleeps.
4. After Algae Deoxidizer is complete there is a tic shown that it is working.
5. F12 shows costume menu and doing Steam screenshot.
6. Liquid in bottles sometimes is shown half of the block inside block they stand.


oni_Cycle 19.sav

Steps to Reproduce
just list of bugs

User Feedback


I can second 1 and 3. Frozen animations aren't limited to digging beams, a frozen frame of a plant being harvested has happened to me, but all such frozen animations have gone away after a while (culled by the game?). I've also seen the the wrong animation being used while sleeping, eating and researching. Usually a tantrum animation, but once sleeping while researching. Had a blank bottle attached to a deactivated unbottler once as well but that sorted itself out too.

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