[BUG] Strength only working when "Buff" perk is present

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

As of now, strength is not modifying the carrying capacity.

I have 3 dupes :

- First has 5 strength and can only carry 200kg (instead of 400kg due to his strength)

- Second has 5 strength and can only carry 200kg (same as first dupe)

-Third dupe has 6 strength and "buff" skill (so 3 + 3) and can carry 440kg


I can only see that difference between the 3 dupes. There are other differences but it's the only one that I see that can make a difference in the carrying capacity algorythm.

I hope you will address it as soon as possible as it is very crippling to only carry 200kg per dupe...

Best regards.

Steps to Reproduce
Create dupes with strength and one with "buff" skill. May need a save. Quit game. Start game and then load save.

User Feedback

The bug doesn't seem to occur anymore.

Although there is still a bug at the start of a game, the strength of dupes is never applied immediately. I have to save and load the game so the carry weight is updated. New dupes after that have carry weight corresponding to their strength.

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