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Started a new game to try out the new update. I minimized the game screen (using Alt+Tab) to do things on Google Chrome, and as soon as I re-enter the game, the landscaping is all blacked out. I'm able to see the overlay for the tools and build selections, but everything else has gone black. I tried saving and restarting the game to see if the graphics would return, but it still remains dark.

I selected a random structure to try and build in the darkness. The structure would still go red and white in areas I'm able to build or not, but the actual landscaping would remain dark. I also tried selected every icon in the tools overlay, but nothing would show up on the screen (no light blue/reds for air, specks for germs, etc.) Also, when I would try to reload the saved game, my food would always show 0 kcal, even at Cycle 0.


Steps to Reproduce
Minimized window using Alt+Tab

User Feedback


Most likely you scrolled into unexplored territory. Press H to center the view on the printing pod.

The 0kcal issue on load will solve itself as soon as you continue the game (which is paused when you load it).


No bugs here.

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