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Black hole ate my colonists

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In a rather creepy happenstance, my colony found itself missing two colonists when they didn't show in the mess hall (found tables and beds unassigned). Later, I saw that the number of colonists had decreased from 8 to 6. I've tried without avail to find the corpses, thinking their friends might need some closure. Turns out that the others didn't seem to remember them being there in the first place (no stress due to "death in colony," supposing that's a thing). In fact, the increased elbow room seemed to have lightened the overall mood, eerily.

Deep fried mush bars at the tail end of preparation. Lice loaves on the floor where they had left them (so unhygienic)!

After noticing the problem and saving/reloading the game, the whole thing crashed after about a minute. I submitted a crash report. I was going on my 23rd cycle. There was a 22-cycle save where I still had 8 colonists. It seems likely that the evaporating colonists had something to do with the game crash. I'm pretty certain they didn't disappear simultaneously, but the second followed the first in short order.

Steps to Reproduce
This happened shortly after I refused a duplicant print for the first time, but really, there's no directly visible correlation, there, and I have no idea what caused this bug. I HAD been sending them into my CO2 basement to dig and lay tile, as well. You might find more helpful information if you can connect this bug report to my game crash report, which I submitted from within the game client around 11:30 EST 2/19/17.
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19 hours ago, Weird Wanderer said:

It could be possible a hatch ate your colonists in their sleep.

And here I was letting the little critter roam as he pleased, thinking it was all that a bag of (very valuable) 5|-|175. I was wondering what the catch was.

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On 2/20/2017 at 9:31 PM, ZoharContact said:

And here I was letting the little critter roam as he pleased, thinking it was all that a bag of (very valuable) 5|-|175. I was wondering what the catch was.

Oh my god, same...

I just noticed two missing Duplicants - I went from 7 to 5 over the course of 1.5 cycles without realizing it. I happened to take screenshots for other reasons, so the first attached one is Cycle 31 with 7 Duplicants, and the second one is Cycle 32 with 5 Duplicants. I never noticed a Mourning debuff. It wasn't until Cycle 34 that I actually noticed at all (I'm a terrible overlord). I set out a Gravestone just in case, but no one has recovered a corpse.

I have a Hatch who's been allowed free roam of my base for the Coal it poops out. However, said Hatch has ALSO mysteriously disappeared. The third screenshot is nighttime, and no Hatch is roaming. Where my mouse is hovering, those lower left airlocks, are the last place I saw the Hatch. He was standing on one when a Duplicant passed through, and he got dumped into the below area. This was DEFINITELY before Cycle 31. I was really happy because he had dirt to nest in again. The fourth screenshot shows him on Cycle 29 living in the lower left where there are plans to add gas permeable tiles (I'm fairly sure that's his mound, but I know he lived there awhile).

So, my SO showed me this video so Hatches clearly eat Duplicants, but I still feel like something is off. 1) Are Hatches supposed to eat Duplicants? It says they consume resources if I remember the tooltip correctly. It should absolutely say they eat Duplicants if so because I would've killed it right away. 2) Did the Hatch climb ladders to get to where my Duplicants sleep, or did I somehow miss it eating two Duplicants digging down there during Cycle 32 daytime when it should be sleeping? My base is not very big, that seems like a huge thing for me to miss twice. 3) Where is the Hatch now? (Could he have drowned...?)

I'll also add that I saved, exited, and opened up the game again around Cycle 34, so the Hatch disappearing could be more related to that?





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By the way, I didn't dig into vacuum pocket where the hatch was nesting before setting a pneumatic door. It didn't give two coals about that door. Just walked right through it while everyone was sleeping. Reportable? Can it open an airlock?

I might end up having to euthanize the dirtbag, but I suppose, for future reference, it would be possible to build a pen for it (airlock?), build a compactor bin in there, enable storage for sandstone only, then disable when full to deposit sandstone for feeding. Fast and easy coal factory! The only remaining question, I guess, is whether he should be able to eat the door or not.

I'm pretty sure I would have seen it climb a ladder if it was able to do that.


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