Binge Eating dupe not following consumables chart

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Steam Pending

I have a dupe with the binge eating trait. I know a lot of people are complaining about how much food the dupe is eating, and while I do find it excessive, I am try to view it as a challenge.

What is unacceptable, and what I believe to be  bug, is that I have it set in the consumables panel for the dupes not to eat meal lice or bristle berry, but the binge eater eats everything. So these ingredients I have set aside for cooking are eaten by the darned binge eater and I am left with nothing left to make my liceloaf or gristle berry. 

Steps to Reproduce
playing as normal, have a dupe with the binge eating stress trait at 100% stress, and meal lice deselected in the consumables chart

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