Automation, loops, pipes, silly dupes, silly beta-testers and fractions. oh and LAGS.

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Once more hello, dev.

I'll say it simple - you have ****ty beta-testers if any.

Your automation devices are totally useless. they are only useful to you as the dev for ****s and giggles like to make some superultramegacrazy puzzles.

your Signal Switch is useless in automation because it has no input only output. It's only purpose is only to save the running around time.That's NOT automation. and for your puzzles.

Since you haven't gave us a tool to output the MINIMUM amount of the gas into the pipe (you're tring to make the game realistic as i see, right?), I made a looping device with the Gas Shutoff, because i wanted to make it to output exactly 1 kg of gas. And...

1. the buffer and the filter allows us to scrooll with fractions of the second but on MANUAL input - it rounds them up. 

2. on middlespeedup and maxspeedup, since the game (i suppose) just skips animation, the instant timer (0.1 sec) works differently - just watch the pipe output with differents speeds for yourself.

3. that's a SINGLE loop on the entire map and it already made my fps on middle and maxspeeds drop at least twice.  (you remember my specs, right). now Oxy takes up 6 gigs of ram during gameplay. that's nice from you! now go compare this casual gamey with terraria or starbound.


my metal extractor is made from abyssalite also as the insulated pipes. Now why this pipe is getting broken because of OVERHEATING after a few iron extractions? And don't tell me that's because the block under the pipe heats up to 70 degrees because than this phisics SUCK A LOT.


the passed out dupes are brought to med by a doc and than he's dropped to the floor and must climb to the medbed by himself. while barely alive. this is fun. for first two times. at the third time one understands that this game must have at least M rated. 

also the dupes are so stupid that they don't quit their job if they're having damage from heat/cold. do they have a slave implant in their heads that forbids them to run for their life untill the job is finished???


of course you can think about disabling any speedup like in the clockwork empire, so everyone will play one map for a month and gets bored in a very long time - more sales for you!! PROFIT!


P.S. We still can't store solidified gases. Why? Is it so hard to assigh them that single property? or it's moar complicated? also we can mine diamond, can build the ter thing but - guess what - we cannot store it. okthen.




I told you 2 or 3 years ago that dupes when hanging around they're doing it 96% of the time near the startpoint or the bathroom, no matter how much i decorate elsewhere. thewy're still doing this. so much for the feedback usefullness.


you can look into my save and watch everything i told you about. here


thanks again for your useless automation devices. 

P.P.S. Beta-testers - eat lead.

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just build it!

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P.P.P.S   Earlier the liqiuds were liquids. Now ALL the liquids behave like snot. yup. i guess it's because of the naphta?

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It was mentioned that automation is kinda useless RN, they already know that fact... Funfact: They (The devs) mentioned it themselves at their Stream.

Signal Swithes are logically switches, it only has output since it requires manual checkup.. It you're annoyed by that, use sensors.

Dupes Work>Safety, that's how their mind works... It's your job to make it safe for them.


Cut everything short:

1) ONI has a memory hiccup, thus lags,skips and deletes random stuff at random moments.

2) Eveything here is already explained and talked about in other post and forums.

Welcome to beta/alpha stages friend!

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