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Auto-sweeper moves items from high priority storage to low priority dispenser

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I have made a chained storage system where items without room in the current cell would move using a dispenser to the next cell. However, the auto-sweeper seems to not obey priority rules and pick up items from the storage container and placing them in the dispenser.

The dispenser shown on the right is picking up items from the storage with priority 4 and placing them in the dispenser with priority 2.

This issue does not happen when it is using an auto-loader system which is what I used before.



Smaller example from sandbox


Steps to Reproduce
* Put storage bin set with items (e.g. sandstone). Set to priority 9. * Put dispenser with same times. Set to priority 1. * Put auto-sweeper in range of both. Expected: Auto-sweeper respects priorities and only puts items in the dispenser if there are no other higher priority storage spaces. Actual: Auto-sweeper pulls items from high priority dispenser and puts them in the low priority dispenser.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Dispensers work like machines, and they always have priority over storage. 

For example, if your lime-storage is prio 8 and the metal refinery is also 5, the sweeper will fill the refinery, regardless the lower prio its set to.

Same with the dispenser. Its not cleary explained though.

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It's rather confusing, as the errand type shown in the dispenser is "storing", like storage bins, rather than "supplying" like refineries.

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it is really very strange
the duplicant first places the resource in the storage bin, and then moves it from the storage bin to the dispenser


I assume that the problem is due to the absence of one line of code in the class "ObjectDispenserConfig" in the "DoPostConfigureComplete" method

storage.onlyTransferFromLowerPriority = true;

I made a mod that should help fix this problem

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