Auto-sweeper ignoring items

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Every now and then, I've noticed my autosweepers just sit and do nothing even when there are pickup/delivery orders in their radius.  Disabling and re-enabling the machine sometimes makes it start working again, otherwise save/load resets it.


Steps to Reproduce
Not really sure what triggers it, but in this savefile my slime-sterilizer setup has been sitting idle for a few minutes. Upon re-loading the file it suddenly starts working again.

User Feedback



The bug killed my colony over night ...

(No more water was sieved and electrolyzed, so everyone suffocated.)

=> Auto-sweeper stopped working without any duplicant interference.


Like silentsnack said, a retoggle will sometimes solve it. Just unlocking my pneumatic door did the trick too.

=> Just allowing duplicants to path to my water sieves made the auto-sweeper do his job again.

(Without a duplicant scheduling one of the 3 possible life support errands as the current work task.)

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