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[AU-219035] New duplicant doesn't show in jobs list, dead duplicant does

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It's an issue because I default new duplicants to have no jobs and now I can't set any jobs for the duplicant so he is idle.  

I assume this triggered because of the dead duplicant.

Save game attached.

Steps to Reproduce
1) Set all new duplicants to have no jobs 2) [I think] kill a duplicant 3) After duplicant is dead but before is buried, spawn new duplicant. Expected: 1) Dead duplicant never appears in jobs list 2) New duplicant appears and I can change their jobs Actual: The opposite :-)
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User Feedback

Burying the dead and finishing the cycle did not help.

Mitigation was to save, exit to main menu and then continue the game.  It loaded in the correct state.

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This happens quite often for me, including the consumables and vitals lists... When a new duplicant spawns they fail to appear on one or more list(s), and sometimes a dead duplicant remains on the list. This prevents me from assigning tasks or checking their stress levels. It usually fixes itself when I spawn the next duplicant though.

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