[AU-217565] Geyser emit rate not adjusted for sim rate

  • Branch: Live Branch Known Issue

Geysers, and likely other element emitters, are not being correctly adjusted for a tick rate of 0.25; the sim rate.
This results in 4 times more mass being emitted than indicated by the UI.

Steps to Reproduce
Using debug mode, place a large box around a natural gas geyser(48 tiles minimum). Paint a vacuum inside box while the geyser is at the "Rising pressure" stage. Wait 10 minutes at slow speed for the geyser to return to idle position. Pause and count the mass of every single tile inside box. You should have 240 kg instead of the expected 60 kg.

User Feedback

Can confirm fertilizer maker is emitting the correct amount of natural gas. Checking the code for BuildingElementEmitter, I can see:

SimMessages.ModifyElementEmitter(this.simHandle, game_cell, this.element, 0.25f, this.emitRate * 0.25f, this.temperature);

This is perfectly fine.

This is from ElementEmitter:

SimMessages.ModifyElementEmitter(this.simHandle, game_cell, this.outputElement.elementHash, this.emissionFrequency, this.outputElement.massGenerationRate, emit_temperature);

emissionFrequency is 1. Example massGenerationRate shall be 0.06 from the pre-emission state of natural gas geyser.
This should be fine but it isn't because the simulator is forced to run every 0.25 seconds.
I can only assume that the emission frequency is not being taken into account.

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I just want to raise the point that a geyser ingame covers 4 tiles.  When you hover over 1 tile and it says the geyser is emitting x grams of  natural gas per second, there are two possible interpretations.  It seems like most people in this community are interpreting this to mean that the entire geyser is supposed to emit x grams per second; however another reasonable interpretation is that only that square is emitting x grams per second, as you are only hovering over that 1 tile, which would mean that the entire geyser is actually intended to be emitting 4 * X grams per second.

So there are three issues at play here.

1. How many grams per second is the geyser supposed to emit.

2. How many grams is it actually emitting.

3. How to make it intuitively clear to the user whether the description shown in-game applies to the entire geyser or just the tile being hovered.

I raise this here because it seems possible that the original intent of the code here omitted the .25 intentionally, depending upon the original intent for (1-3) above.  As an editorial note, I think most are in agreement that 480g/s per NG geyser seems too high.

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