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Absolutely love this game!

1) Duplicant's strength is 2 and should be 4. The strength is missing the +2 from Groundskeeping (the second +2 to Strength) as shown under Job Training. The first +2 under Job Training is the from Gofer. Note, the Groundskeeping is not buffing any other attribute.


2) The Courier job is not properly tied to an attribute / relevant skill, causing the value to appear as 0 for all duplicants.


3) There is a mismatch between the Gofer tooltip training received (+2 to Strength) and the relevant skill displayed (Athletics). Similarly, Mechatronics Engineer is +2 to Construction but requires Supply (Strength).


Steps to Reproduce
1) Train someone in both Gofer and Groundskeeping. 2 & 3) Job Assignments screen.
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