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Atmo suits created out of thin air

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I have a room dedicated to oil refineries, where duplicants have to wear atmo suits while working. A couple of times now my duplicants have worked at the oil refinery with their atmo suit on for so long that they run out of air, and continue to work until they are out of breath. They run out of the room and gasp for air, and a new atmo suit is created on the ground, but they are still wearing one. 

I've attached my save file so you can see the atmo suits on the ground outside my refinery room. 

Took's Castle.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Have a duplicant work at an oil refinery with an atmo suit on until they need to gasp for air. Oxygen needs to be available and close by on the restricted side of the atmo suit checkpoint, so the dupe doesn't have to cross back over the checkpoint to get to air.
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User Feedback

Whoops my mistake, it looks like a new atmo suit isn't created but rather it is just dropped on the ground wherever the dupe gasped for air. Nobody comes to return the suit to the dock so that's probably something you'll want to fix.

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