At 89 million germs, the germ change rate flips back and forth from negative to positive.

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I have a fairly standard storage bin for slime, I've been excavating out a swamp biome. The slime has accumulated a lot of germs, when I went to look at the slime in the container...


The rate of change is positive when it should be negative (due to being overpopulated).


The next update it flips to this:


Which looks correct.



Attached savegame!

The Rustic Facility Cycle 115.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Dump lots of germy (900k+ germs) slime ~20tons into a bin At some point the # of germs should get up to a point where the bug occurs.

User Feedback

.... ....

@Ipsquiggle - uploaded!

Please let me know if I you need anything else!

(In the savegame, the bins are just down and to the left of the printing pod)

As an additional note, I added a third bin next to the first two... then copied the settings from the leftmost bin and am now seeing the germs growing rather quickly (about 5 million right now and the change rate is increasing). This might be working as intended, but it just looks a bit odd.


And... the bug reproed on the third bin at about 6 million or so germs. The change rate is flipping positive to negative now every update.

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.... ....

Possibly, but the number of germs basically caps out and oscillates between 89,902,425 and 89,998,161... essentially germs are being added one update and then removed the next... which seems incorrect.

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