Astronaut flickers when exiting rocket and is gone

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I launched my first rocket and upon return, my astronaut disappeared.

He shortly exited the command module, then reentered it for some reason (maybe because the gantry was broken).

The command module says it is manned. So does the starmap. But my dupe count is decremented and the command module does not show an assignment for that dupe. I also cannot get my dupe to leave the module anymore.


prelaunch Cycle 811.sav

Steps to Reproduce
1. Send dupe to space

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I attached the savegames, one pre-launch and another one post-launch.

After checking the starmap once more, i can now see that ren is listed as a passenger for that flight. After deconstructing the command capsule, ren reappears.

But i dont see a proper way to have him leave his command capsule other than that.

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I experienced something similar.

My astronaut had been back from the space mission and appeared in the map,  then tried to re-enter the command capsule if any other order was given for him. And that was the last moment that I could see the dupe. He disappeared from the map, disappeared from the "dupe assigning panel" in command capsule, also disappeared from my dupe list. Gone gone gone....

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Just happened to me and was worried about it, dupe gone from everything.  Priorities tab, Jobs list, even her Mess Table and Bed became "unassigned".  Glad to see if I deconstruct the command module she will reappear (not doing it just yet, I gave her mess table away :) ).  She mastered every job, would suck if she is gone forever.

Update, trained another astronaut (was going to make a second rocket)  out of no where he decided to join the first "vanished" dupe in the first rocket.  When he came back he had no atmo suit and all stats had reset to starting (not job bonuses, just stats, example he was one of my original dupes so had worked Athletics up to over 20, now was back to 4 base (still had job bonuses.))  Then switched him off astronaut so he wouldn't do it again and launched the rocket again (and noticed on the rocket screen is still said Ashkan was in the rocket, the orignal "vanishing" dupe was Liera) when the rocket got back the second time, Ashkan got out of it again and it now shows the rocket command module as empty, so basically Ashkan jumping in the rocket while Liera was stuck inside duplicated Ashkan and erased Liera.  And I can confirm it Duplicated Ashkan as Ashkan had 5 Neural Vascilator traits, and now I have 2 Ashkans with those traits... (renamed second one Dupe of a Dupe)

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