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Arbor tree harvest prio resets

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

It seems that after harvesting at least some of the "branch" priorities of an Arbor Tree reset to 5. This seems to be random.

I would suggest having just one priority for the whole plant, far simpler and much more clear. 

Steps to Reproduce
Sett all branches of an arbor tree to, e.g., 8, harvest it a few times and see prios for the branches go down to 5 on some branches.
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User Feedback


Auto-harvest flag on the arbor tree branch resets in a similar fashion.

It seams that the branch entity is deleted after harvesting or uprooting. When the tree spawns a new branch it has the default priority and auto-harvest flag.

Tested on build LU-347269 on Linux.

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