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I had my dupes building some tiles. While they were getting around to doing it, a wild Drecko wandered into the build site. They apparently have now managed to entomb the poor critter inside a tile. Shouldn't they have either refused to do the build or displaced it to a nearby "safe" location?

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 12.01.19 PM.png

Steps to Reproduce
I've only seen this happen once.

User Feedback

Not a bug as far as I know. You could get critter entombed, as you can get your dups entombed. Just deconstruct the tile, free the critter, and build it back. You also still can act on the critter, so killing and wrangling are working.

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Fair enough... it just seemed odd, so I figured I'd report it in case it was unintentional.

In general, I've noticed dupes magically jumping to an open tile when they were about to be entombed.


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