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Algea Terrarium fed 1kg per dupe bug

  • Branch: Live Branch Pending

This is not mine bug. It has been mentioned by SkyeStorme in his Thermal Upgrade Part 17 video.

Algea terrarium is fed 1kg per task by dupes. Similar bug to Slime Machine which has been spotted before.

Workaround: Terrariums can be fed by automated system with liquid vent or submerged in water (it ain't bug, just tutorial! ;))

Steps to Reproduce
As stated in description.
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User Feedback


Brothgar talked about this. What the Dupes do is go to the nearest Water source like say Water dripping on equipment to get 1kg and take it to the Terrarium causing them to get stuck in a loop because the amount isn't enough to sustain the Terrarium. The solution is to block Dupes from picking up the small amounts of scattered Water and force them to only go to their main source of Water.

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.... ....

I came across this "bug", so I came looking to give some ideas to the devs.  My dudes will literally be stuck forever running to an infinite drip taking 1000g each time, doing it fifty times for 2 days just to make a single liceloaf bar.

I literally can't make food bars until I trash my hydroponics bay.


Ideally, the dupe should go to the nearest water source that has greater than or equal to the amount of water the target needs OR greater than or equal to the amount of water he can carry.


At the very least, he can pick up the 1000g and continue looking for water until he is full or has enough.


Put a kitchen sink or spicket in the game to have fresh water near a location they can pull from on their own.

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