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Algae Terrarium Bugs – Master Thread, Post Here!

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

It's great to see algae terrariums actually usable – no longer deleting water! However, I've found the following bugs and wish for my fellow dupe-lovers to add to this thread. Make algae terrariums great again!

Bug 1: The polluted water generated from algae terrariums cannot be selected; I first wished to check to see the germs of the output but then could not even do sweep command.

Bug 2: The sprite for polluted water from algae terrariums disappears after a few days but is still there – able to be picked up by dupes but also acting as a plug for algae terrarium production if not picked up. Not being able to see which plants were clogged until they stopped production makes things difficult.5add59b940094_Bug2iInvisibleClog.thumb.jpg.f8ec2d841fc594c9dbceaeafbc94847b.jpg5add59bbc4df1_Bug2iiCycleBeforeVisible.thumb.jpg.2e21d3cc2a424feb76390042a608dbad.jpg

Bug 3: Algae terrariums do not register light that hits their top tile – making their usage more strained. They will work if the bottom tile is lit and the top unlit but not reversed.



Design 2.sav

Steps to Reproduce
1: Wait until polluted water is generated, click above sprite multiple times to attempt to cycle through objects. 2: Make several algae terrariums and fast forward for a few cycles. 3: Place algae at the far edge of a lamp on the same floor level, 40g/s output instead of 44g/s.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Just lower your lamps one more tile. Your end terrariums will get light, and you'll have room for another bottom row.

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