Algae Deoxydiser stopped working

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Got to cycle 75 in my game, everything was working fine. But then my algae deoxydiser stopped working and refused to register any algae i put into it, my people were litrally putting 1000's of algae into one and it refused to work. 

The only thing differant from that stage of the game compared to earlier was there was some chlorine around my base, but it wasnt enough to have max air pressure.

well i would have been doomed in that game soon anyway, since i had not found any contaminated water at all plus my current water was running out.

Thanks for reading.

Steps to Reproduce
Farming slime and algae outsides of the safe zone. Not 100% sure what caused the issue to happen to me

User Feedback

I started to farm slime for algae around day 25ish. Then most of my algae plants and oxygen spewing machines stopped registering that they were receiving the plant matter no matter how much was put in. The carbon dioxide is rising and the air is running thin in my settlement. I hope this bug is fixed fast. 

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Does indeed sound like a problem with the slime, it was around that time i started to heavily rely on algae made from it

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