"Airlock" is not an airlock

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The thing called an "Airlock" in ONI is not an airlock! It's just a single sealable door that is gas-impermeable.

In the real world, an airlock comprises two airtight doors which are never open simultaneously; it maintains pressure and minimizes gas exchange between opposite sides.

So please either rename Manual Airlock to "Sealing Door" (or "Airtight Door" or "Metal Door" or just "Door"), or make it work like a proper airlock. And likewise for Mechanized Airlock -> Mechanized Door (or Automated Door or whatever).

FYI the "lock" in airlock does not refer to a latch; instead it's the sense of a water lock, like in a canal.

https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/air lock



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Read the dictionary :-)
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...which is why my first suggestion is to rename the door correctly, not to change its behavior.

But I disagree that ONI would be way to easy with a proper airlock item. Currently, experienced players hack an airlock using the pump-liquid-into-a-hole technique, which only works because surface tension physics is hella broken and makes a half-full tile of liquid absurdly stick to the ceiling, like this attached image.

But this technique is a hack, it's not at all obvious to new players that it's even possible, and it will break if Klei ever fix their physics simulation. Imagine a 6- or 9-tile airlock building, that the game devs could tune to take an appropriate amount of metal and power, that you could plop in instead of this soggy monster, that dupes could walk through without getting sopping wet.

A proper airlock is possible using two automatic doors, a compartment in between them with a gas pump, and automation, but it's pretty tricky to get right, and I'm not even sure pathing would work through it.



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elaborate on current airlock hack
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8 hours ago, DarkMaster13 said:

Airtight door might be a better name?

Yep !

An airlock is a room closed by two airtight doors.

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