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Airlock causes vacuum to turn into carbon dioxide

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I have a vacuum insulated wall and it keeps turning into carbon dioxide. It's right above a triple airlock. It seems to happen randomly whenever dupes go through it.



I thought there was some weird interaction between the doors and the airlock so I added in the extra layer of insulation tile between the two. It obviously didn't make any difference.

Steps to Reproduce
Make triple airlock. Make vacuum above it. Have dupes go through it and hope you get (un)lucky.
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User Feedback

I've noticed the same thing happening with steam leaking upward through a triple door setup I was using. Water suddenly appears on the tiles above the doors. Obviously, one can argue about if doors should delete material if it can't find a space to go, but with this bug it's not one way or the other, just either, randomly.

I've also seen something similar with Shove Voles puking up regolith into pneumatic doors at certain angles. It just 'teleports' upward to the next free tile above the walls.

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