Airflow Tile Forcing Gas Displacement On Save/Load

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When an airflow tile has a gas in the same tile and the game is saved and then loaded, the gas is (before unpausing the simulation) forcibly pushed out of the tiles - this can result in some incredibly strange gas compression/moving, and can potentially even be used for exploitative purposes. In my specific case, it's breaking a carefully regulated airflow system.

Using mesh tiles does not cause this issue, so I assume it's related to the way it blocks liquids from entering the tile.

Steps to Reproduce
-Build an enclosed room -Cover the entire room except one tile in airflow tiles -Fill it with gas and note how much gas is in each tile -Save, then load the game -Before unpausing, examine the amounts of gas in each tile, at this point there should be a vacuum behind each airflow tile instead of the gas that should have been there (which is the bug)

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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I think this is related... I was going to post a new topic when I saw yours...

I have a room that I just created for slicksters. The room is enclosed and I put some air flow tiles on the top to allow excess CO2 to escape.

However, as shown by my screenshots, there is no equilibrium, the CO2 in the room has about 2k pressure in each tile, while the tiles above the air flow tiles on the top of the room have a pressure of roughly 400.

By contrast, the pressure in the tiles below the mesh at the bottom is also 2k; so it appears that mesh tiles are allowing airflow.

Screenshot at 2018-12-19 19-57-38.png

Screenshot at 2018-12-19 19-57-35.png

Screenshot at 2018-12-19 19-57-02.png

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