Air bloking liquids

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I have no idea what is happening here. Looks like a tile of polluted air is blocking liquid from spreading upwards? Not even sure if this is a bug or feature...
Anyway is not first time when tiny block of air is blocking tons of water from anything. Or when polluted air destroys less than 1kg liquid block. Now I just wonder how much liquids I could store this way...



Steps to Reproduce

Let dupes pour liquid to one tile-wide space with some mixed air above (tiles on sides and bottom must be pressure proof). Watch some bizarre behavior of liquid.

User Feedback


1 tile can always only contain ONE sort of gas OR liquid. 

And to answer your question: 2 million kg/tile. This was set in a patch earlier this year.

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Yup. Not a bug. Can sounds weird at first sight, but it just the result of game mechanisms.

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