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There are times wherein my duplicate would stand in front of the storage and unload some materials, the problem is they don't stop and if they're unloading things within an area with no oxygen and it keeps repeating, you'll end up with a notification that your duplicate is suffocating and you would need to cancel the action and move them towards the safe spot. This also happens when I try planting my thimble reed seeds and they just keep placing the item in the aquatic thing then sweep it, then place it, then sweep it then place it. So I can't ever grow thimble reed to make clothes.

The Unfortunate Dimension.sav

Steps to Reproduce
For the Thimble Reed - click the aquatic farm tile - click plant thimble reed seed

User Feedback

The reloading the storage unit's loop comes from the fact that when liquidables start to melt they fall out of the storage bin, the dupes will then spend the rest of eternity trying to put them back in as they immediately jump back out.  Only fixes I have found is possibly lowering the priority on these boxes to one (sometimes works) or just deconstructing the boxes or deselecting it's ability to hold ice, snow, polluted ice.

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