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Achievements Unlock Too Early

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So i've had a couple of achievements that triggered too early:

Some Reservations: Designate 4 areas as Nature Preserves

- This one triggered after just 2 nature reserves

Red Light, Green Light: Automate a building using sensors or switches

- This one triggered after RESEARCHING automation, not for actually doing anything

Steps to Reproduce
As listed above, try to build nature reserves and see how many it takes for it to trigger. It only took 2 for me. Reserach Automation and see if it triggers, it did for me
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User Feedback

i found the same thing for reserves. i think it was because my duplicants altered them to not fit criteria then fixing it was thought to be a new room.

The automation achievement, for me, was unlocked when a ruin contained automation.

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Got the same bug, "Red Light, Green Light" unlocked before I ever did any automation, it might have been because a structure with automation spawned on the map (hadn't interacted with it though).

"Good Egg" I think might also have unlocked to early as I got it without hatching any eggs. Perhaps some hatched naturally in my base? But I assume this is supposed to be for critters you ranch?

"Ghosts of Gravitas" also triggered too early, triggering when I discovered a site (and perhaps entered it?) but before I inspected anything or got a database entry for inspecting anything as the description says.

On the other hand the "It's Not Raw" achievement I think triggered too late, long after the first duplicant had eaten anything from the grill.

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