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I am on cycle 13 and I now have a red X in the colony summary that says that achievements are disabled due to a debug command being used. The problem is I did not even attempt to use a debug command or anything else that would have disabled achievements. This happens on every survival game I start. I have checked my auto save games, and on this specific one achievements are enabled at the start of cycle 12 but disabled at the start of cycle 13.

Update: I have found the issue is that I am accidentally pressing the Tilde key when I go to hit escape. SO if it is that easy to get achievements to be disabled, then why is there no option in the controls remove the function from that key?

Steps to Reproduce
I am unsure how to get this to reproduce as it happens to every new game I start. It usually takes at least 10 cycles though.

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Tilde is actually the SHIFT modifier on the Backtick key, so I believe these are the relevant binds you are looking for.

That being said, I have found that activating the debug tools, even if you don't use them, sets the "debugWasUsed" flag and disables Steam achievements. So I've ended up changing the bind to activate debug tools from Backspace to CTRL Backspace.

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