Absurd pressure in newly-discovered gas pockets

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I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it sure feels like it:


This over-pressurization also is seen in pretty much every other newly-discovered gas pocket on my current map.  I accidentally dug into a super over-pressurized pocket of Chlorine, and literally 50% of my base is Chlorine now, and I've been venting it into space for about 50 cycles now and the pressure is just barely normalizing to 2Kg per tile, and I'm guessing it'll take me another 50+ to clear the remainder of it.


Edit: I've done some research and found out these are called "geodes"?  I'll post another thread in the feedback/suggestions section to explain why this feels like a bug, and will be a constant hindrance for newer players.

Steps to Reproduce
Playing normally, discovering new biomes.

Status: Closed

This issue has been closed either because it is not a bug or does not belong in the bug tracker.

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User Feedback


Hi @MagnetMD, thanks for the report! It is working correctly, but we definitely appreciate hearing your experience of this. We'll take a look at this feature and make sure it's serving the right purpose.

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