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A column of natural tiles keeps appearing after loading save file

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I closed off 2 rooms and was venting out gas inside PO2 disinfection setup. I make some mistakes with chlorine so I go and reload the save then those natural tiles appears. 

Steps to Reproduce

I reload the save then those natural tiles appears. 

After that I look into my auto-save files and I find that column of natural tiles when I load a save. If I continuously play, those tiles don't appear at all. It seems to start from Cycle51. However if I load each cycles, I can see that the column is getting higher.

I am not quite sure if this causes the problem but I have 2 cats and well.. a day before all this happen, they chased each other over my keyboard and somehow open some kind of brush menu I don't know even know it exists. I quit the game because I don't know how to close it.

Thank you in advance.

ps  I'm new to reporting bug thing. My apology if I am not informative or I mistakenly upload files or lack thereof.

User Feedback


It looks like a bug with the dispenser. When you have a dispenser against a solid tile, items become buried in that. Looks like if you bury an element in a solid tile of the same element, and reload, the game must convert it from buried  entity to actual tile.

The column effect has been seen before when you heat algae in a bin to dirt, that dirt will keep staking all the way to space.

As a work around, do not place your dispenser against a solid tile. Also, if you upload a save file, it can help the developers debug the situation better.

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Thank you so much for telling me the cause! Now I can rebuild differently to avoid the bug. I was sad when I encountered the same bug for 2nd time yesterday. I don't really want to rebuild another base because of a bug.

umm.. I'm not sure if I upload the save files correctly? It contains the auto-saves from the AntFarm Colony.

 ONI_Bug_Dispenser creat column tiles after loading.rar

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