[SWITCH] Progression blocker - negotiation encounter can't play cards or end turn

  • Version: Switch Pending

This has happened twice in 24 hours but I don't know the steps to repro it. It's only happened in an negotiation encounter.

During a Negotiation encounter, I will select a card to play. Instead of playing the card, I lose the ability to do anything to advance the turn. I can still navigate on the UI and menus. The cards show the other cards in my hand, which I can hover but not select to use and the arrow indicator on where to place the effect doesn't come up. The card I had tried to play still shows up in my hand, but I can't hover or select. Hitting X does not end my turn even though it shows up in the UI. I can only view card details, inspect arguments, and navigate the status UI and menu. 

Video of my flailing attempts to progress the encounter attached. 


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It happened to me twice in a few minutes with Smith (never with my 2 first run/characters I believe or I didn't notice).

Both times I suddenly had less than 5 cards as if it stopped drawing and focused on the (ZL) UI part for checking every arguments from both participants.

Restarted the game and went through the argument and it didn't happen again in the same negotiation.

Didn't retry the second battle yet.

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Make sure it's clear which platform I'm playing on

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Hi arne and Waji,

I'm investigating this issue and have a few questions:

  1. Does this only occur when your cards get shuffled to draw new cards at the start of a turn?
  2. Has this ever occurred when shuffling in the middle of a turn?
  3. Has this ever happened without shuffling?

Thank you!

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