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Rook vs. Flekfis, probe for weakness, argument revives

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During the Rook vs. Flekfis encounter, after choosing to Probe for Weakness:

Destroying the Old Injury argument results in it immediately reviving with full resolve on Flekfis' side instead of giving Rook the argument and the chance to end the battle with the additional battle card.

Steps to Reproduce

Choose to Probe for Weakness when Flekfis confronts Rook about being a traitor (Flekfis "liked" me prior to this encounter if that helps).

Reduce the resolve of the Old Injury argument to zero.

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User Feedback

Isn't it how its suppose ro be? It isnt "Grab the allies" stuff, you can get, not sure about this one, up to 5 of any "special" cards from these negotiations. His arguments reviving is intended

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I've played through the encounter once before.  During that run when I destroyed the argument it went to Rook's side and was able to be targeted by Flekfis.  So you could collect all three arguments and their associated bonus cards before finishing the encounter and beginning the fight.

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