Wrong movement after plantiong Elephant Cactus

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Mods used:

Action Queue Plus, Combine Status, Display Food Values, Geometric Placement, Health Info, Minimap HUD, Volcano eruption prediction

Game Version:

189297 WIN32_STEAM


plant a dug elephant cactus would sometimes imprison your character inside them.

This happens even if It was planted it from a outside direction (See attached graphs).

This bug makes the result of planting a elephant cactus uncontrollable since you are not able to predict the ending location of the character after planting it.

I think the action of planting a cactus elephant should be controllable. If the characted was standing next to the other ones, he should be imprisoned inside the cactus. Otherwise, if he was standing outside the cactus array, he should be still standing at the same direction to the planted cactus.

Possible solutions:  (I don't know if they are appliable).

I think it can be fixed in 2 reasonable ways.

1. A forced movement is added after planting a cactus, towards the opposite direction that the character walks from.

2. Add a operating range for the planting command, player doesn't have to stand on the location to phant a elephant cactus. Guess this would avoid being blocked by several cactus.

3-1 place a elephantcactus.png

3-2 imprisoned wilson.png

Steps to Reproduce
1. Start with a SW world 2. Dig several elephant plant after knocking them down 3. plant them close enough from each other

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