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Wormwood Lightning Bug still very much a thing

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So I've spoken about this since Hamlet was still in beta, and wormwood only got fixed in Hamlet but totally forgotten in RoG and especially SW.

During hurricane season you can't do anything to avoid fire damage (edit: Thunderhat works across all 3 worlds, but eyebrella/dumbrella only in Hamlet). You can get strike by 3 lightnings in a row, while wearing a Dumbrella, and still you going to burn 3 times. 1 Day has gone by and i already used 10 Honey Poltice, that equals 300 damage, with something that i can't avoid at all, unless i literally cover the entire world with lightning rods. But also, i can't cover the entire SW world with lightning rods because msot of it is Ocean, and we also don't have a lightning rod that we can place in the ocean.

So my only reason to thing that this is indeed a bug, is because there is no natural way to counter this and also because this is not how he works in Hamlet.

Looking forward to see this getting fixed soon, Best regards,


Steps to Reproduce
Force lightning in SW or RoG with Wormwood wearing a Eyebrealla or Dumbbrella. Do the same and hamlet and notice the difference.
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