Wilson’s beard growth

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I just recently bought Shipwrecked and I’m having a great time! I am playing as Wilson on a world that is currently on day 17. As far as I understand and how I have experienced things in the past is that Wilson’s beard takes 15 days to fully grow. So it would normally be done on day 16 if you don’t shave right ? But that unfortunately didn’t happen to me. I’m stuck on second stage. I know this is a minor bug and I have yet to test if it is just graphically or if it actually affects the gameplay. Like I said it’s minor but if you could fix it, it could be nice =)

Steps to Reproduce
Playing Shipwrecked as Wilson. No commands or anything like that. Compatible with RoG. I have just explored the world you know normal stuff. I probably dosen’t have anything to do with it but I did sail into the fog and you know arrived on the other side. But yeah basically just a noob playing Shipwrecked. So it might be hard to replicate.

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