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Wearing backpack blocks building things

  • Version: iOS Pending

(Playing Wilson in 'Don't Starve Shipwrecked' on iOS 16.1.2 in german version)

Issue: When wearing a thatch bag, backpack or piggy bag and trying to build anything from the crafting menu, the screen freezes and nothing happens; the selected item will not be crafted.
Analysis: I am not sure if it happens to everything which is worn, I just tried thatch bag, backpack and piggy bag.
Workaround: is to take off the bag/backpack and repeat the building. The crafting will be done and then I can put on the bag/backpack again.

I couldn't find anything according this issue. Is this a known issue?


Steps to Reproduce

1. Wear thatch bag, backpack or piggy bag.
2. Select any item from crafting menu and try to build it. 
3. Screen freezes, nothing happens.

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