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Warning at start - game proceeds to crash on menu screen.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Basically every time I try to play Don't Starve the game shows me the warning immediately and proceeds to go automatically to the menu, there I can't click anywhere and forced to close it. The warning appears for ~1 sec before redirecting to the menu, where it crashes (not only I can't click anywhere but the animations and sounds are stopped, so I assume it's a crash).  

I've attached to this post the warning screen at the start, as well the log file.

I've already tried to verify the integrity of files and I also uninstalled and installed don't starve again, but the same problem occurs. I've disabled cloud saves for steam, unsubscribed all the mods I had subscribed and deleted my "save" folder in MyDocuments>Klei>DonotStarve but none of that seems to fix this bug. 

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Steps to Reproduce
Open up Don't Starve and this happens. 100% reproduction rate.

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