Volcano Resets to Dry Season when Quitting Inside

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Every time i quit/force quit inside a volcano, it resets the season to Day 60 and the start of Dry Season. This happened twice to me. Once during mild season (Day 78) and during early hurricane season (Day 106).

I entered the volcano to gather some elephant cacti and some gold. My booty bag burned from a random lightning....in both instances. Pressed Cmd+Q (on Mac) to quit. When i log back in, I'm reliving Dry Season again.

The days remaining seem to change for both day resets though. The first time my Day reset, I had 13 days remaining in Dry season. The second time it reset, I had 12 days remaining in Dry Season. I'm using a mod for showing more status so i noticed this the second time it happened.

It also messed around with my day counter. In the volcano it reset to Day 60, but when I exit the volcano, it continues on with the day i had before i entered the Volcano (Day 107)...but STILL Dry Season.

However, maps, items, and stats remain the same. Previously Foraged / Dugged Up / Mined items in Volcano aren't reset. Only the season and the days changes.


Steps to Reproduce
Quit without saving inside the volcano. May have to have a previous save inside the volcano during dry season to trigger.

User Feedback


Can confirm, it just happened to me.

Went to volcano in the middle of the Mild season, shortly after entering it the game crashed with a log related to some item moved by a wind or whatever, started game again, exited volcano and bam this is Dry season, I am totally unprepared and take crazy damage from overheating.

Good thing I played as 150 hp char and had Bacon and Eggs, barely made it to the base with like 15 hp, this bug is very insidious.

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