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volcano is constantly hungry

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I just managed to get through monsoon season only to find my character is constantly "drying off" with the wetness icon popping in and out of existence with that same sound every few seconds! wearing "water resistant" clothing and standing under a "palm hut" does NOT help fix the issue! I even ran up to the lava in the volcano hoping to overheat to dry my character off and it still failed!


I also found out that no matter WHERE I am if I drop an item there's at least an 80% chance it'll become "wet" this even happens IN the volcano!

EDIT: apparently my thirst and water mod was the problem for the wetness scenario...the volcano is still really finicky however

and speaking of the volcano its very cranky! I keep feeding it "doydoy" feathers on a daily basis and it still growls at me! thank the stars that my base island is RIGHT by the volcano or I'd be screwed!

Steps to Reproduce
feed a "doydoy" feather to the volcano and leave...it will growl for more the next day

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