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Volcano does not remember appeasement after leaving

Sir Squidington
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Platform: Steam (Windows)

Mods?: no

Version Number: 298833

Issue: I know this is an oldĀ bugĀ that has probably been reported many times, but the fact that it still happens bothers me. Appeasing the volcano only affects the eruption timer while you are on the volcano itself, and often does not affect the timer in the main world. Furthermore, leaving and coming back to the volcano level completely resets the volcano level's eruption timer to what it was in the main world, even if the volcano had just been appeased before leaving and returning. The alter of snackrefice is useless unless one wants to live on the volcano.

Steps to Reproduce
Appease volcano. Leave volcano and watch for tremors or eruptions. (optional) Return to volcano and check if eruption timer reset to before appeasement.

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