Volcano appeasement doesn't reset number of tremors before eruption

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Closed

I am playing Shipwrecked Beta, so I am not sure if this happens in main branch as well.

I haven't found anything about this behaviour on wiki, or in bug tracker, so I assume it is a new bug.


Normally, 3 "warning" tremors happen before Volcano eruption (which starts at the time of 4th tremor).

However if I fully appeased Volcano after certain number of tremors - these tremors stop.

When they resume - I expect the countdown to begin anew (with 3 "warning" tremors before final 4th one and the eruption), however I get reduced number of tremors instead.

For example:

If I appeased volcano after first tremor, next time I only get 2 "warning" tremors before the eruption.

If I appeased volcano after second tremor, next time I get one "warning" tremor.


If it appears to not be a bug - I'll go edit a wiki page I guess.

Steps to Reproduce
1. During Dry Season, wait until tremors start. 2. After 2nd tremor, fully appease the volcano using Altar of Snekrifice - tremors will stop. 3. After some days, tremors start again - however instead of refreshing the countdown, you will only get one warning tremor (expected: 3) before final tremor + eruption.

Status: Closed

This issue has been closed either because it is not a bug or does not belong in the bug tracker.

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User Feedback


It seems to me appeasing the volcano doesn't increase/reset the timer until the next eruption, but instead pauses the current countdown. Either way the eruption is delayed, the difference being the lack of new warnings in the current form. I don't know if it's intended, but it does feel counterintuitive.

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On 10/19/2017 at 6:55 PM, Jason said:

Changed Status to Closed

A comment at least would have been nice. Is it some sort of intended punishment for not getting to the altar in a timely fashion?

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Sure. No, it's not intended as punishment. It's maybe just an oversight in the design, but it's not broken per say. Not really a bug. So I left it as is for now. 

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