Version 189261 Crash on Startup: "Could Not Find An Asset Matching"

  • Version: Console Pending

Game updated today to version 189261, since then, the game crashes on startup with the following error:

Could not find an asset matching fx/ash.tex in any of the search paths,



Steps to Reproduce
1. Open the client

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback

.... ....

I somewhat have the same problem.

I can start the game up but when loading my saved file it crashes. I have already uninstalled, reinstalled it, then updated it to the newest version. I tried uninstalling it and not updating it and it works fine.

With the update, I cannot play Don't Starve.

I have also tried running it outside of GOG Galaxy but, to no avail, it still crashes.


P.S. My Don't Starve is from and it's the Don't Starve Alone Pack.

Thanks in advance again, Klei!

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