Using the Seaworthy corrupts the save [ PS4 ]

  • Version: Console Pending

I’ve used the seaworthy a few times before to hop between worlds, but the last time it crashed the game. I was on day 596 in Shipwrecked but the save now says survival 513 and it crashes every time I try to load it. 


Luckily I backed up the save just before using the seaworthy. However, every time I try to go into RoG the game crashes and the save is once again corrupted. 


So my character is now stuck in Shipwrecked.



The attached image is something I've seen 2/8 times before crashing when I reproduced the bug. Maybe that's where the game tries to spawn in my character in RoG, causing the crash/corruption? 


Steps to Reproduce
Use the Seaworthy a few times. I could supply the save file if the developers request it.

User Feedback


My game crashed going thru the seaworthy twice the past few days, when I reloaded the game I came out the other side just fine. This third time, crashed with no error page again, cannot load the saved game at all.

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Oh hello there Klei! Just thought I'd stop by, 2 years later, to see the news about GAME BREAKING BUGS in this old classic. 


Yep, the bug is still there. 

No response from the devs.

Unsuspecting new players are still reporting corrupted saves for all sorts of reasons. I even saw a response from a dev in one thread saying they'll look into it ;)

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