Trawl net disappears after being filled

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

After completely filling a trawlnet, it will vanish. The character will announce the intended voice line ("My net filled up!"). There is no trawlnet visible, nothing that can be interacted with. Pressing control does nothing. 


I'm in the latest game versionDon't Starve 2_7_2019 4_53_23 PM.mp4.

Steps to Reproduce
Use trawl net Fill trawl net

User Feedback

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The same thing happens to me, also my volcano never erupts, Sealnado won't spawn after the first Hurricane season, the Quacken chest doesnt despawn so I can kill him again, palm treeguards won't spawn although I chopped 100+ palm trees, this is the worst, I also can't find any swordfish after I killed one, and can't get any living logs, at this point I think I will spawn in bosses with commands to make it work

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Yep, exact same problem here. Trawl net simply disappears when filled. Running Hamlet compatible.

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Same issue here. (PC version)

This bug is really annoying, killing a decent amount of associated game content.

Please Klei, don't stop supporting DS SW !

The last update was 280979 (08/08/2018) and the last new content is dated from 12/15/2017 with "Home Sea Home".


Now the game is in bad shape, worse than before since a lot of new bugs are here and not solved.

Trawl net issue, bosses not spawning, volcano issues, season issues... last time I played it was ok.

What happenned guys !??

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