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Tar extractor issues

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Closed

So far in my experience with the tar extractors, after a certain point when you return they are still running but "off" and out of fuel. Then you have the option to refuel and return it to the "on" state. The production of tar remains constant, and I'm uncertain but I think it is stacking as well. 

Steps to Reproduce
Refuel tar extractors and turn on again after depletion. Repeat.
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You can't deplete the tar pools. The extractor just needs fuel to keep pumping. If it runs out, it turns off.

There was some reports of the extractors still pumping even though their fuel gauge said empty. I haven't found or solved that problem yet. But that sounds different from what you are reporting I think. 

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I am having the same issue along with some of my friends. My current world is modded but I played for my first 2 years vanilla and had the problem before I installed combined status. I posted some screen shots showing how comical the tar can get. I just copy and pasted my save file from this bug report in case it doesn't work for some reason.


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