Tar Extractor a Bug and and Some Advices

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Closed

Tar extractor will produce tar regardless of tar slick.

Tar extractor and most probably other sea structures can be placed on sea to create a non-destructable wall for mobs. Would be better to restrict their placement so it won't be too close to each other. By this way, they cannot be used for other purposes.

Also, 1 tar completely refuels it which is pretty much an infinite self-sustaining machine :D.








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Given in the description.

Status: Closed

This issue has been closed either because it is not a bug or does not belong in the bug tracker.

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This problem seems to work when you use console commands (all recipe, spawning), but doesn't happen when you make a legit tar extractor.

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Ya, a legit tar extractor can only be placed on a tar pool. And only one can placed on a tar pool. So you're free to do what you like if your using the console commands, but the warranty comes off at that point ;)

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