Swordfish vs Crock pot

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Known Issue

Build 222215 OSX_Steam

Going by the wiki description, the swordfish should be cookable in the crockpot. And cooking.lua does in fact include the following lines:

local fish_med = {"fish_raw", "fish_med", "fish_med_cooked", "swordfish", "shark_fin"}
AddIngredientValues(fish_med, {meat=0.5,fish=1})

The trouble is, as I understand it, there's no way to collect a "swordfish" (doesn't have "canbetrapped" tag, and doesn't ever get the inventoryitem component AFAICS), only the "dead_swordfish".

EDIT: Persists in "Home Sea Home" release (build 241965):

local fish_med = {"fish_raw", "fish_med", "fish_med_cooked", "swordfish", "shark_fin", "fish3", "fish3_cooked", "fish4", "fish4_cooked", "fish5", "fish5_cooked", "roe", "roe_cooked"}
AddIngredientValues(fish_med, {meat=0.5,fish=1})


Steps to Reproduce
Get a swordfish, put it in a crock pot.

User Feedback


Its not really a bug. There's just no way of capturing a live sword fish yet I guess.. but if you did, you could use it in a crock pot.

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