SW Music Bug (Switch Version)

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I have bought Don't Starve for the Switch, and there seems to be a lot of bugs with it. Sometimes it just randomly crashes, the hound waves are messed up even before merging worlds, but those two are things that don't happen often, at least not everyday. One bug that really annoys me though is constant. In shipwrecked (thankfully only Shipwrecked and not RoG) the day and night themes will constantly play, and the music just gets messed up. Every. Single. Day. The actual sounds and effects are fine, but the music just falls flat. This is what it looks like: the day starts, and the music plays. Then the music for when the day starts play again. And again. It just repeats itself until it thankfully stops. Then the same thing happens at dusk, and the volcano. The worst thing it happens to though, by far, are the magic staffs. When you use a staff, it makes a magical "whoosh" sound. When you use it in shipwrecked though, it keeps playing it though. The noise is very loud, only making it worse. It doesn't happen with things like the fire and ice staff, but like the purple staff (the one that teleports you) and the volcano staff, where the character holds the staff up at the sky.

It might seem like I am going on a rant, but this is every single day. I really like the Shipwreck music (the actual music, not the one repeating), and it gets cut off by this. Also I live for hundreds of days, so eventually it got to me, and here we are. The actual music (like boss music for example) doesn't repeat, only the day and night sounds, and this doesn't happen with the RoG "music" either. Also, the withered coffee plants don't seem to be usable for fire farms anymore. This isn't really a glitch, hell, it's more of a patch than anything, but I kinda wish I could just slaughter monkeys... as Wilbur. On a final note, I would like for Hamlet to be on the switch too.

Steps to Reproduce
It's pretty easy to see the bugs, just like play the game for like a day to see the day night music glitch.

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So after few month they still did not fix that SW dusk chime bug. It makes me sad because there are many reports on these but nobody seems to care

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