[Sudura]Can't make Galley

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[Ravipare] Sudura: are you able to make a galley in the SW update? I really can't find it anywhere, even in the code
[Ravipare] Sudura: was hoping to build a sea base
minespatch: Haven't touched the dlc since I got it so I'm just as lost as you are. XD;;;;
[Ravipare] Sudura: hmm
[Ravipare] Sudura: nevermind then
[Ravipare] Sudura: i think it's just not implemented
minespatch: You could ask the devs?
[Ravipare] Sudura: sucks, no way to get a crockpot, icebox, shelter, birdcage or a couple of other things on a sea base
[Ravipare] Sudura: most of the devs blocked me


Posting this here since apparently he can't talk to the devs. I haven't tried myself, sorry.

Steps to Reproduce
"Galley isn't in update"

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