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Status effects do not carry over between levels

Sir Squidington
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Platform: Steam (Windows)

Mods?: no

Version Number: 298833

Issue: I have observed that three effects on the player do not carry over between levels (surface <-> caves, caves<->ruins, ocean<->volcano ). They are  WX-78's "System Overload", coffee speed boost, and rainbow jellyfish glow. Judging by the rainbow jellyfish, this may also apply to dragoon heart glow and glowberry glow. In the case of coffee and the rainbow jellyfish glow, both effects reapplied themselves on returning to the level they were consumed in. The coffee, in particular, became a permanent effects in that level, lasting long after it's duration should have ended.

Steps to Reproduce
Consume coffee, a rainbow jellyfish, or be struck by lightning as WX-78. Enter/exit volcano/caves/ruins/surface

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