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Spyglass - not able to control where im looking (PS4)

  • Version: Console Pending

I made the spyglass, hopped on a boat to try and find islands.. however upon use of spyglass it just kept looking into 1 direction, the same direction, all 5 uses. 

I tried positioning my character to face which direction i wanted to use it, tried using both analog sticks to the direction I wanted to use it. But alas none worked. 

I know on PC you use the right click on mouse to choose a direction so I was hoping the right analog would do this but I haven't gotten it to work.

EDIT: okay so I made another one and this time I was able to get the little orb indicator to show up to tell which direction Id be looking. This orb never appeared the first attempt at the spyglass. The first attempt when I went to press O for Peer, it did so automatically with no option to control it.

So Id still say this is a bug Im just not exactly sure what I did differently between my 1st and 2nd attempts.

Steps to Reproduce
Create spyglass, hop on boat, try using spyglass and notice you can't change its direction.
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My first attempt, the right stick wasnt working. When I pressed O to Peer it did so automatically with no option to choose the direction. I haven't been able recreate that bug.. But I have ran into a new spyglass bug that prevents me from using the spyglass at all while on ships. Im still able to use it on land though. 

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